A Studio Project of my Own

A Studio Project of my Own

I have been trying to come up with a concept for something to advertise the studio—something that I thought would appeal to the wide range of clients who walk through my door but that also says something about who I am and what I do. A friend suggested I make a calendar. That sounded like a great idea to me. People can always use a calendar, and it lasts the whole year. That’s an entire year of advertising for my photography studio! Then I had to come up with a concept.

I didn’t want to use client photos. I would have had to get permission from everyone to use the pictures and it didn’t really seem like I’d be advertising myself; instead, I’d be showcasing what I’d already done for other people. It wasn’t what I wanted. Then I thought of taking scenery pictures—nothing screams four different seasons like living in Maine. But I’d have to either pull pictures out of my archives (which if they were good enough, I probably would have done something with them already) or wait a whole year to take the appropriate pictures.

This was a dilemma.

I went home that night feeling dejected. Here I had this great concept but no ideas to realize it. My dogs greeted me at the door as usual, and that got me thinking—my dogs! They’re cute! I could make a calendar about them! That certainly would showcase my love of animals and my ability to work with “clients” who don’t always respond to directions—aka kids. I wanted to make the calendar fun and cute, which my dogs already are, and seasonal, which my dogs are not.

And then I realized—through a series of backdrops and costumes, I might be able to pull off the different months! You know, like making one look like cupid or a leprechaun and things like that! I went straight to my sewing nook and looked at the different fabrics and notions I had from the last time I’d made a backdrop. I made a list of everything I would need for the fabric store the next morning. There was a sale so I was able to get everything I needed at a great price. I took that to be a sign that it was going to go well. I got everything home and got started hemming fabrics and creating cute little pieces for the dogs to wear. I love my sewing machine: it is really easy to use and it works well with a variety of fabrics; it’s really important to me because I use heavy or thick material for backdrops that need to be hemmed and sometimes I find pretty fabrics to use as floor coverings or little blankets to add color to newborn shots or something. It is honestly the best sewing machine for the money I paid for it – it goes through them like it’s gauzy cotton, which makes life soo easy for me!

It took a few days to get everything sewn but it was really worth it once I got it all into the studio and saw it all come together. My dogs are used to me doing dumb things to them so they had no trouble with the costumes. They were really good about “posing,” too. I got some great photos. I just sent it off to the printers. I cannot wait to see the finished product and find out if it is going to be something my clients enjoy. Maybe I will give them out as holiday gifts at the end of the year!

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