Completely Lost!

Completely Lost!

You know that expression “If my head weren’t attached to me, I’d have lost it a long time ago?” That’s me. I’ve got this great messenger bag specifically because I put things down and forget where they are. I have it on me most of the time when I am out on location taking pictures. I like that I can have my stuff on me while keeping my hands free to take photos.

Normally, I don’t book two different clients for the same day (unless they are all coming to the studio. If it is indoors and they’re all coming to me, that’s different) but a friend asked me to do a studio shoot for her daughter’s third birthday the same day that I was doing an engagement session across town with some new clients. It was the only day our schedules aligned so I agreed.

The bride-to-be had asked for the photos to be taken at a park near their house. It turned out to be a very nice place, the weather cooperated, and it wasn’t too crowded. The shoot was actually ideal. Afterward, I sat down with the couple on a park bench and they decided to book me for their wedding. I had brought along my planner and a blank contract in my messenger bag specifically with this hope in mind.

With their date booked and contract signed, I said my farewells and raced back to my studio to get there in time to meet my friend and her daughter. The shoot was going well until I went to grab a different lens. It wasn’t in the pockets of my pants, where I thought it was. I figured I must have put it in my bag when we first sat down on the bench to talk wedding plans. I went to the front where I tossed my jacket when I first came in and the bag wasn’t with my coat. I checked all the pockets but no lens there either. Then, with a sick feeling in my stomach, I went to the car. No bag.

I explained to my friend what happened and she told me not to worry, we had enough photos (we did, I think I had taken about 30 already) and that I should retrace my steps and find my bag. Luckily, the address to the park was in my GPS from having gone there earlier. I got there as fast as I could and ran to the place we had been sitting.

But there was no bag.

Oh man. That planner has everything in it—clients’ contact info and all my assignments. Project ideas. My own appointments. I try to put everything in my phone as well but I work so much better when I have it all right in front of me. I am not very diligent about copying it over into a calendar app.

Feeling pretty dumb and also quite sorry for myself, I drove back to the studio. I discovered I had left my cell on my desk in my haste to leave. It said I had voicemail and when I listened to the message, a huge smile formed on my face. It was the engagement shoot couple, who saw my bag and figured out what happened. They took it with them when they left and it was safely at their house waiting for me to pick it up.


I gave them a discount off their wedding package as a thank you when I went to get my bag.

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