A Rare Day Off

A Rare Day Off

I had yesterday scheduled as an off day for the last three weeks. I’ve been working every single day and I felt like I was forgetting what my dogs looked like, you know? Just work, work, work, all the time. Studio portrait sessions. Weddings. Studio time for catalog/brochure shoots. Meeting after meeting with potential new clients. It is great—fantastic, really—to be so busy. However, it can’t be good for every day to consist of only waking up, working, going home, and sleeping. Hence the off day. As my calendar got more and more crowded, it was tempting to fill it in with assignments. But I desperately needed a day where I wasn’t behind the lens.

I had groceries delivered because I was pretty much out of food, but was also determined not to spend a minute of my off day doing errands. I made myself a really tasty omelet after I put all my purchases away. After that, I took the dogs outside for a super long walk. It was supposed to rain later in the day and I knew if I didn’t make the effort to go outside while we had the chance, I would end up regretting it.

After the walk, I gave the dogs some treats and some fresh water. After pigging out, they crashed hard on the nice cool tile in the foyer. With the dogs happy and settled, I decided it was self-care time. For me, that means a home pedicure. I usually wear these fancy shoes to meet potential clients—what can I say, I like to look well put together at the initial meeting—but as many of my fellow blog readers will attest, fancy shoes don’t always equal comfortable shoes. I end up with these callouses on the sides of my pinkie toes from where the shoe rubs all the time. I met with so many clients these two weeks that I felt like my callouses had callouses, you know?

I grabbed my trusty foot callus remover and foot soak. I have a little plastic basin just like they use at salons for just this purpose. I soaked my feet and used the pumice stone to make them nice and smooth again. I dried off my feet and cut and filed my nails. Then I went under the bathroom sink to pick out a new color to paint them. After my toes were freshly coated in something called Midnight, I just bummed around and read a magazine until they dried. Once that was done, I put lotion on my feet and threw on some flip flops to wear around the house. I felt like a new person.

The rest of my day was just as uneventful. Filled with a nice dinner, doggie snuggles, and a glass of wine before going to sleep—with fresh clean sheets. As much as I hated pushing things around the last few weeks to keep this day open, I am really glad I did!

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